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[Did you join the final battle in Mongolia?]

[By the time the sun rose on October 8th, Medusa and the Mongolian king had been finally been defeated. With the snake witch gone and Shinigami back, the remaining Witches realized their chances of victory had vanished with Medusa’s death. And a truce was established in the following days.]

[The war at an end, Kid’s wish was fulfilled and it was now possible for BREW to grant another wish. Those who wanted to return home would finally be able to do so, while those who wished to remain could do so as a reward for their efforts.]

[A final log will be posted soon for characters who wish to wrap up their affairs in Death City and say goodbye to their friends. The sun will miss your faces too and has goodbye kisses for all of you!]
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[Today's temperatures are 75/59 F (24/15 C).]

Have you heard the news about Mongolia? It turns out that’s where Medusa’s been hiding out. And not only that, the Mongolian king has become a Kishin after eating the souls of all his subjects. Ready or not, it’s time to head to Asia and fight Medusa!
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[Today's temperatures are 78/59 F (26/15 C).]

[The event log that was scheduled for this weekend is being pushed back to next day change so we can iron some things out. But the final battle is almost here!]
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[Today's temperatures are 78/59 F (26/15 C).]

[Has the arsonist finally been caught? He claims he didn’t do it but the witness says otherwise! Maybe, his friends can go visit him in jail.]
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[Out of the blue, in the early light of dawn, Genesis' voice comes on to the network. There's the sound of live flames crackling in very close proximity, and he sounds incredibly confused.]

Where... how did I get here? [He murmurs to himself in confusion, not sure of exactly what to say. Then he snaps out of it for a moment.]

Neji, Edgeworth-- it looks like the arsonist has struck again. And at another residential buil--

[But his message is cut short as his attention is drawn to someone crying out not too far from him:

Officer! There he is!! That's the man who set fire to this place!

Immediately, there are footsteps, many of them-- and they all are coming towards Genesis.]

I'm not who you're looking for! I couldn't have set fire to this building!!

[The witness cries out again: Lies! I saw you with my own two eyes!
An officer cut in: We'll hear your story at the station. You'll have to come with us first.

You're Genesis Rhapsodos of the Watch, aren't you? I'm disappointed. I had more faith in you guests who chose to help us with keeping the city safe. I'm confiscating your communication device for now, but I'll let you make just one call.

Then, there's a little shuffle, as if Genesis only realized that the device was still on all this time.]

Edgeworth, Near, Neji-- if any of you are listening to this: I did not do this. And if I actually did, I did not do it by my own free will. I have faith that you will believe me. I'm counting on you to find who really did this.

[That's enough, buddy. You're coming along with us now.

There is the clink of metal: handcuffs, and the feed ends, cut off by one of the officers.]

((OOC: Action threads at the city jail is an option to take!))
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[Today's temperatures are 88/66 F (31/19 C).]

[Another quiet day. …Or is it? The moon thinks there’s smoke. And where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Is the arsonist at work again?]
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[Today's temperatures are 83/70 F (28/21 C).]

[The sun feels tired today. Could it be? Is fall actually here?]
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[Today's temperatures are 96/76 F (36/24 C).]

[That arsonist has been pretty quiet lately, haven’t they? The moon wonders if they got bored of starting fires or if they’re just lurking and waiting to strike again…]
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[Today's temperatures are 94/75 F (34/24 C).]

[Well, it looks like a certain Deathscythe wasted no time in throwing a dinner party at the school for Shinigami’s return. Did you attend and get a chance to meet the guest of honor?]

[And it’s October! Between the citizens celebrating Shinigami’s return and the season, the town is starting to look even more Halloweeny than usual with extra skulls. Will the war’s end come in time for the children of Death City to go trick-or-treating in peace this year?]
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[Today's temperatures are 98/78 F (37/26 C).]

[Have you recovered from the excitement the other day? Are you excited that Shinigami is back? The moon wonders where he’s been all this time. Think he’ll let us in on the story?]
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[Today's temperatures are 100/75 F (38/24 C).]

[Did your powers come back yesterday when Asura showed up with all those kishin eggs? But that wasn’t the only face the sun hadn’t seen in a long time. Shinigami came back too!]

[Although there was no formal signup for the latest event mission, threads from the log can still be submitted to the soul tally for 7 points/souls.]

The Death City Times

The return of Death City’s leader brings hope that war is ending

Yesterday, Shibusen released a statement confirming the return of the previous leader of Death City, Shinigami-sama. On the day Shinigami-sama returned, the Kishin Asura also attacked the city but was repelled.

The city celebrates these events as a sign of the war’s end. Shinigami-sama’s return is a ray of hope that the worst is now over.
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[Today's temperatures are 103/75 F (39/24 C).]

[Have you been following the fires in the news lately? The Agency is looking for clues to the arsonist.]

[Did you feel the earth shake yesterday? Those funny bumps kept showing up in the ground too. And the Madness spikes. But it’s not over yet! The moon wonders if you’re ready for what’s coming today. Asura’s coming back to town and you might find some of your powers returning due to the high levels of Madness. Try not to put each other in the hospital because you've lost your minds!]
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[Edgeworth's transmissions are always organized. He is always seated somewhere, be it in Fatality Condominiums or at the Agency. Today is no different, and yes, he is at the Agency right now. However, while the paperwork and books on his desk are all in order, he looks quite frustrated and a bit exhausted. He clears his throat, and starts, his voice crisp, mincing no words.] 

Good afternoon. If you have been paying attention to recent events, there have been three reported arson incidents in the Shopping District this month. The last one was ten days ago, at the Creeping Crypt. Fires were previously started in the Holocaust Mall and a DeathDonalds branch. [His brow furrows, and his disdain is clear as day.] So far, no deaths have been reported, although some refugees at the Creeping Crypt were injured.

Investigations are still going on; unfortunately, very few clues have been discovered. [A weary sigh. He folds his arms across his chest and leans back in his chair.] A locked door at the Creeping Crypt, which led to the laundry room, was forced open with a large blade of some sort; I say it was locked because the doorknob was examined. A witness, who has chosen to remain anonymous, claims to have seen the shadow of a tall person near the door that had been demolished, shortly after the fire started. They only saw a shadow, nothing more.

[He turns a page of his organizer, which is open before him and filled with notes, and some diagrams.]

Unfortunately, we have yet to find anything that can point us to a possible motive. We do not know if the arsonist is targeting a particular person, or is simply fond of wanton destruction. Most of all, we do not even know if we are dealing with one arsonist, or more.

I advise everyone to be on their guard, and contact the Agency, the Watch, or the police if you find anything that can lead us to the truth.
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[Today's temperatures are 103/74 F (39/23 C).]

[Shinigami didn’t really die? Could it be true? That witch and the local Deathscythe think it’s a possibility! But it sounds like trouble might be coming. Did you feel that rumble yesterday? Things are going to be even shakier today. The sun hopes you’re all prepared for a few tremors!]
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[Well, here’s a rare sight. The local Deathscythe and a witch from another world. Judging from the crosses and the strange clouds in the background, they’re in in the Death Room at Shibusen. Lily glances over at Spirit for a moment, wondering if he expects her to start off.]

I think I’ve mentioned before I can sense things from clothes when I touch them, about the folks who wore them. [She holds up a cracked white skull mask, the one worn by the former Shinigami.] And despite what I’ve been told, I’m not so sure if the owner of this mask actually died.

There was pain at first but when I concentrated more, I saw a vision. A man wrapped in scarves with a strange red eye on his forehead. He was attacking whoever was wearing this mask. Then the mask broke and I couldn’t see anything else. It fell off after that blow, I reckon. But I don’t get the sense this Shinigami died just then.

[The news of that leaves Spirit unusually serious. Which means it must be serious business because this is one guy you can barely get to pay attention if there's a good looking girl by his side.]

So, you heard the [his eyes shine briefly] beautiful [back to normal] lady. I'm pretty sure you all know what that means, right?


Please tell me you know what that means because I'm not good at explanations.

[Lily sighs and prompts him…]

Um, wasn’t there something else you needed to tell folks about?

[He coughs loudly, spitting out his cigarette. But waste not, want not, so his hand immediately snags it out of mid-air....and he burns himself. Rather than react, he just sticks his cigarette back into his mouth and pretends that he doesn't have a spot of charred skin on his finger.]

A-Ahem. Right! You felt those rumbles, didn't you? This place is usually pretty stable, I think. Whatever it was, just prepare yourself. Some bad stuff is on the way and you want to be ready to defend your friends and all the lovely ladies.

Just a tip from me but looking cool is far more important than anything else so when things happen to blow up, keep a tough smile on your face. Hardboiled is what's in style these days.


Just stay safe and kick some ass.
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[Today's temperatures are 101/71 F (38/22 C).]

[Did you go to morning training yesterday?]

[Or were you busy investigating strange happenings around town? Doors opening on their own, voices when no one’s there, people screaming about ghosts. Think it’s a haunting? Or the witches again? The moon wonders if someone is just playing a prank.]

[And if that’s not weird enough, there’s going to be a small rumble outside the Holocaust Mall this morning with the cobblestones getting upheaved into a large mound in the middle of the street. Plus, a spike of Madness when it happens.]

[And this month’s mod post and an event info post with signups for temporary power regains have gone up!]
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[Today's temperatures are 100/69 F (38/21 C).]

[Looks like someone’s moving. Either that or they just like collecting boxes and threatening chickens. And speaking of chickens, the sun thinks it does a pretty good chicken impression!]

[BREW’s done it again. Someone else has disappeared.]

[Are you planning to go to morning training? Even with more Deathscythes now, it’s not the time to slack off!]

[Also, this month’s mod post will be up soon!]
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If there's anyone around who knew him, Kaworu Nagisa has been sent back again by BREW.
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[ the video clicks on to a shot of Chez Haruno-Uchiha-Uzumaki in something of disarray. though Sasuke is holding the camera, his face is framed from behind by boxes stacked haphazardly, some still open and labeled. while none of them have an excess of very much, somehow it still seems to have piled up. either way, it's clear that they're moving into a new location.

Sasuke looks less than pleased, but this is nothing new. he has a healing scrape on his cheek from the recent mission and his bangs are tied off his face with a slim piece of fabric (the tie on the top of his head) and he's in a fitted black tank. all of this is accented by very loud squawking in the background. ]

Naruto, your chicken is making this a lot harder than it should be.

[ he doesn't turn around, or even flinch, even when behind him Chicken flaps up on a precariously balanced stack of boxes— and promptly knocks the whole thing down. this is followed off-screen by the sound of breaking glass.

Sasuke's brow twitches. ]

If that was the tea set [ Itachi's tea set... ], it's new name is going to be Teriyaki by the time I'm done with it.
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[Today's temperatures are 96/68 F (36/20 C).]

[The moon thinks you guys have been kind of quiet lately. Are you still recovering from that last fight in Europe? But maybe something will be shaking soon…]

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